Etiquette at Christmas Office Parties

Although it may feel as though the office Christmas party is a great time to let loose and go crazy, in actual fact this is the worst thing you can do! Here are some tips to make sure your office Christmas party is memorable, and not regrettable….   · Maintain a work focus. Remember that this is still about work,... View Article

Organising a Summer Event

Summer seems like a great time to hold an event, however there are things you need to take into consideration if you are looking to plan an event in the warmer months….   Consider the heat! It seems almost too obvious to mention, but you need to consider your attendees in the heat, and make sure that there is shelter... View Article

Increase Your Ticket Sales!

It would be nice if holding an event was as easy as listing your event on Sticky Tickets within minutes, and sitting back to wait for the ticket sales to roll in… Unfortunately however, it is not that easy (listing your event is though!) Running a successful event requires planning, hard work and resourcefulness (OK… and a great ticketing provider),... View Article

How to Run a Successful Fundraising Event

Fundraising is a fantastic and rewarding way to make a difference to the lives of others. You can hold an event at your work place, home, school or social club, and there are a number of different types of events you can hold. In considering what type of event to hold, you might like to consider the purpose of your... View Article

How to Organise an Event With a ZERO Budget

Do you have an event to run but no budget? It will take some planning, however you can make your event a success. Here’s some tips…   · You have to make your concept unique. Think outside the box and ask advice from others on what will appeal. If you can’t differentiate your concept from the rest, at least put... View Article

The Advantages of Workplace Flexibility

    For a long time many companies have felt that they need to ‘oversee’ their employees to ensure that work is getting done, and that they are giving up some control if they don’t. They have also had images of employees sitting around all day, getting nothing done. Well times have changed, and having workplace flexibility has made some... View Article

Creating Audience Engagement

What is Audience Engagement? There is no clear definition, so to check if you know what it is and if you are doing it right, maybe it’s best to answer these questions… 1. Are your events popular and selling lots of tickets? 2. Are your attendees asking questions and clearly getting what you want them to get from your event?... View Article