How Event Ticketing Platforms Contribute to the Success of Events Organised by Charitable Organisations

As passionate advocates for charitable causes, we at Sticky Tickets have noticed firsthand charities’ limitations in event organising. The struggle to effectively manage ticket sales, and maximise fundraising efforts can often hinder the impact that these organisations strive to make. But, in recent years, the emergence of user-friendly and flexible event ticketing software has provided a game-changing solution for charities. 

In this article, we will explore the benefits of using event ticketing software, how it helps charities overcome limitations, and a unique key feature to look for when choosing the most beneficial software for your charity.

Introduction to Event Ticketing Software

Event ticketing software is a technological solution revolutionising how charities manage and sell event tickets. This software automates ticketing, allowing charities to easily create, promote, and sell tickets online. With just a few clicks, charities can set up event pages, customise ticket types and pricing, and seamlessly integrate the ticketing platform with their website or social media accounts. By leveraging the power of event ticketing software, charities can streamline their event marketing efforts, reach a wider audience, and maximise fundraising potential.

Benefits of Using Event Ticketing Software for Charities

The benefits of using event ticketing software for charities are numerous and impactful. Firstly, it provides a simple and convenient ticket-purchasing experience for attendees. With online ticket sales, potential attendees can easily access event information, choose their preferred ticket type, and complete their purchases from the comfort of their own homes. This ease of use increases the likelihood of ticket sales and encourages more individuals to support the charity’s cause.

Secondly, event ticketing software enables charities to track ticket sales and collect valuable attendee data. By accessing real-time sales reports, charities can make informed decisions regarding event planning, marketing strategies, and resource allocation. Additionally, capturing attendee data, such as names, email addresses, and demographic information, allows charities to build a database of potential donors and supporters for future campaigns.

Event ticketing software also offers powerful marketing tools to significantly enhance a charity’s event promotion efforts. Social media promotions allow for seamless event details sharing across multiple platforms, reaching a wider audience and increasing event visibility. These marketing tools empower charities to create buzz around their events and engage with their target audience on a larger scale.

A Striking Feature to Look for When Selecting An Event Ticketing Software for Charities

When looking for a way to organise and sell tickets to your charity event, look no further than transparent charity rebates offered by event ticketing platforms. These rebates provide a valuable opportunity for charities to manage their spending portfolio easily. By earning a percentage of ticket sales through charity rebates, you can supplement the existing funding and invest in various initiatives that support your cause. This additional income can help cover operational expenses, fund research projects, support community programs, or even expand the organisation’s reach to make a greater impact.

The Sticky Tickets Charity Rebate Program

Some event ticketing platforms have specialised programs or partnerships with charities to provide these rebates. Even fewer platforms have a clear and transparent program in place that directly supports a charity by providing a tangible rebate.

For example, at Sticky Tickets, it’s important to help out where we can, and what better way than to donate financially to your cause? If you are a registered charity, we will be pleased to donate back 10% of the total credit card booking fees (including AMEX) for your event.

Let’s look at the following scenario. 

If you sell 50 of your $50 tickets, and your total booking fees amount to $175, we will donate $17.50 of those fees.

All you have to do is show you are recognised by the ATO as a registered charity and apply wherever possible before your event goes live.

As an event organiser, you have the flexibility to create various ticket types based on the attendees you expect at your event. We offer several categories of tickets and our donation ticket type allows you to receive donations of any amount for your cause. The booking fee is calculated based on the donated amount.

How To Apply 

  1. Register and log in to Sticky Tickets (you may use an existing account if you are already an organiser with us). 
  2. Complete the application form and provide a copy of your “Notification of endorsement for charity tax concession” document.
  3. An organisation that has been endorsed will be in possession of a certificate from the Australian Taxation Office, which states that it has been endorsed as a Tax Concession Charity.
  4. When submitting your application for the Charity Rebate, we kindly request that you do so as soon as possible while setting up your event. This will allow for timely processing and approval.

How It Works 

Once you have been approved for the Charity Rebate, we will add a ribbon to your event summary page to indicate how much you will receive as a rebate. 

When your event is officially completed, you will receive two separate payments, one for your ticket sales and the other for your rebate. 

It’s as simple as that.

Other Key Features To Look For

Ensure that the software offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and customise. This will save time and frustration when setting up events and managing ticket sales. Look for software that allows for seamless integration with your charity’s website and social media platforms, enabling you to promote events effectively and reach a wider audience.

Security is another crucial aspect to consider. Ensure the event ticketing software provides secure payment processing and protects attendee data to maintain the trust and confidence of your supporters. Advanced reporting and analytics features are also essential, as they allow you to track ticket sales, measure event success, and make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.

Lastly, consider the customer support and training options provided by the event ticketing software provider. Ensure they offer a dedicated customer support team and comprehensive resources such as informative support centres and FAQs. These will help your team maximise the software’s potential and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

How Event Ticketing Software Helps Charities Overcome Limitations

Event ticketing software is a game-changer for charities, enabling them to overcome the limitations they face in event marketing. Charities can save time, resources, and staffing by providing a streamlined and automated ticketing process. This newfound efficiency allows organisations to focus on their core mission and allocate their resources towards making a difference in their cause. The ability to easily create and manage events online empowers charities to reach a wider audience, attract more attendees, and increase fundraising potential.

Additionally, event ticketing software helps charities overcome the limitations of traditional ticketing methods by offering advanced features and functionalities. For example, the software allows for creating various ticket types, such as VIP passes or early bird discounts, catering to different attendee preferences and increasing ticket sales. 

The software also provides secure payment processing, ensuring attendees a seamless and trustworthy transaction experience. These features not only enhance the attendee experience but also boost the charity’s reputation and credibility. 


Through inspiring case studies, we have seen how charities have successfully utilised event ticketing software to create impactful events and connect with their supporters. The software’s automation, marketing tools, and data-driven insights have empowered organisations to streamline their event management processes, increase ticket sales, and build long-lasting relationships with attendees.

So, if you’re a charity looking to make a difference in your cause, don’t let limitations hold you back. Embrace the power of event ticketing software and unlock a world of opportunities for impactful and memorable charity events.

Start harnessing the power of event ticketing software for your charity today and make a meaningful difference in your cause with a tangible charity rebate. 

Contact us for further details. Together, let’s create impactful and memorable events that change lives for the better.

About Sticky Tickets 

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