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We are proud to announce the release of several new features our team has been working hard on. In response to requests from our Organisers, our latest releases include Reserved Seating, and we have also optimised our Checkin app. Below is a list of our latest releases that you can now take advantage of.

If you would like people to choose their own seats at your event, reserved seating will work perfectly for you. Using this feature, you can create your own layout whether it is for tables, theatre style or even a blank layout where you set it up as you like.

Setting it up is also very simple- here is a brief run down:
• When setting up the ticketing for your event, make sure you create a RESERVED SEAT ticket
• Once you have created this, you can enter the settings for the ticket, such as the name (ie
General Seating, VIP etc), the cost, as well as how many you would like to sell, and when you
would like ticket sales to start and end. Once you have set up all your different ticket
types and saved them, you can then select SEATING PLAN.
• Now you can select the type of seating plan you would like to create and customise it as you
choose. You can move, rotate, delete and re-position items, allocate tickets to certain seats,
add text in any size and font, as well as add in extras such as a stage, exits, bathrooms etc.
• Once you have allocated all seats either to a ticket or as Not for Sale, you can publish! You
have now created your seating plan.

For more detailed information on how to create your reserved seating plan please click here. Please note that this is in Beta mode and will remain so until after we release some additional features and design changes shortly.

Our checkin app now has a new and improved layout and UI design. It now has better performance over slower networks, you can see attendance statistics in real time, and also new is the ability to sell tickets and take payments at the door.

All check-ins are synchronised with our servers, so you can use multiple devices at different points of entry and not worry about the same ticket being used twice.

Some of the new features are:
• Wireless ticket scanning with your Android and iOS devices
• Easily validate ticket bar-codes using the camera on your device
• Look up and check-in attendees off a list – search by first name, last name, email or browse
the list
• Easily sell tickets at the door and accept credit card payments, with the ability to select
which tickets can be shown and sold with the check in app
• Check in time at the door reduced by allowing a ‘Check in All’ feature, so you can check in all
tickets automatically under the one booking
• Check-out tickets to manage guests who exit and re-enter the event
• Check-in attendees using multiple devices at the same time
• View attendance statistics in real time

Please click here for more details.

Please note: If you would like to check in tickets without using our Check in app, you can now check in attendees for live events using Bluetooth, or a USB scanner plugged into a desktop or laptop.

• As an organiser you can now provide a bulk ticket discount and provide a minimum and maximum quantity that can be purchased. This way you can offer an incentive for buying tickets in multiple quantities, and you can include in your ticket description the savings they will make by buying in bulk. Click here for more details.

• You can now automatically link sales to your TalkBox account. TalkBox is an automated, multi- channel communication system which allows you to connect with your customers through channels such as email, SMS, social media and web. For more information on how to link sales to your TalkBox account, please click here.

• You can now split your ticket sales into two different bank accounts. If you have an artist to pay for your event, or a charity you are fundraising for, splitting the payments can be the perfect way. It’s simple to set up- for more details, please click here.

• We are currently working on releasing our email/SMS reminders for events and plan to release it by the end of October

Thank you to our organisers for continuing to provide feedback, so we can continue to work on features important to you. Please also note that we are available and happy to help if you have any questions on these new features, or anything else!

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