/ December 5, 2017

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We work hard to continue bringing you new features, while keeping costs as low as possible. We’re therefore happy to let you know that apart from our reserved seating now being out of Beta mode with new features and a revised design in our latest releases, we have made some changes to our fee structure which will reduce booking fees and allow you to now issue full refunds (inclusive of our booking fees) at no cost.

We have made several changes to our fee structure, they are as follows:

• When a ticket purchase needs to be refunded, there is no longer the option to either cover the
booking fee by you, or refund less the booking fee. Now all refunds will include the booking
fee, at no cost to the organiser. Sticky Tickets will absorb all costs associated with refunds.
• We have now added within our fee structure another bracket for lower cost tickets. For tickets
under $10 the booking fee will now be only $1.00
• We have reduced the additional Amex fee to 1.75%

Our reserved seating is now out of Beta mode, with some new updates.

• Revised design
• The ability to ‘unpublish’ a seating plan for your event
• Download and print a PDF of your seating plan
• When transferring tickets, the ability to now transfer allocated seats to another event
• There will be a small charge added to the booking fee when purchasing allocated seating tickets
of .15c per ticket.

Other updates released are:

• The ability to sort your sales list
• The ability to copy the settings of tickets
• Ability to download a pdf of a ticket list including barcodes in reports.

We will continue to listen and keep working on bringing you new releases, so stay tuned!

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