We’re Greasing the Wheels: A Collection of Sticky Tickets’ New Features

Over the past few months, we have worked tirelessly to improve our platform’s performance. We believe you will find the new features we added riveting and enjoy your experience with Sticky Tickets even more.

Each one of them is well-thought-out and thoroughly tested to ensure that you get uninterrupted use of our services. So, let’s take a quick peek at the latest 11 developments.

Custom Page Enhancements > Video
We have really upped our game in relation to custom event page design. Not only have we enhanced the existing features but we have also introduced the ability to add video headers and/or video backgrounds to your public pages. More details.

Distribute or Withhold Tickets at a Ticket Type Level
Great for multi-show passes. You can choose which ticket types (or sub-ticket types) selected that you would like to distribute actual tickets for, and those you would prefer not to. So, in the case of a multi show pass with several sub-ticket selections you can choose to either distribute just the primary ticket (multi show pass) or individual sub-tickets to each show without the primary ‘multishow pass’ ticket, or both. More details.

Reserved Seating V2 including Seat Blocking
We have overhauled our Reserved Seating / interactive floor plan feature with further enhancements to come. We have also included the ability to automatically block a nominated number of seats to both sides of each booking. A great social distancing tool. More details.

Custom Reports
We have created the ability to build your own reports with only the data you want to see, as well as a filtering function allowing you to specify which ticket types you want listed in the report. More Details.

Report Scheduling
You can also set scheduling to receive your reports on a daily or weekly basis at whichever time of day suits and to multiple email addresses to keep stakeholders and interested parties informed. More details.

Scheduled Event Launch
You may now set up your event ahead of time and set a nominated time for the event page to go live. Perfect for popular events with scheduled timing for ticket sales and also great if you want to go live at a time where you will not be available to flick the switch. More Details

Shopping Cart feature
Allow your guests to select tickets from several of your events and pay for them all together in the one order/transaction. This is a particularly useful feature for festival or conference-type scenarios and for organisers selling tickets to multiple events concurrently. More Details.

Pre-Sales Feature (Display Ticket Details Prior to Availability)
A great promotional tool to create some hype around ticket sales launch dates. Set your tickets up with a future ‘start selling’ date but allow page visitors to see ticket type details such as ticket prices and inclusions before the actual ticket sales launch date.

Members – List Upload and Discount Scheduling
If you are a membership-based organisation you can use this feature to set up discounts for your various member tiers without the requirement for a full integration into your membership management software. Simply upload a CSV file with your member details and set discount parameters on your relevant Sticky Tickets events. More Details.

Ticket Type Descriptions
Outline inclusions, restrictions, conditions etc for each ticket type you offer.

Check-In App Upgrade
We are in the process of rebuilding our Check-In App to improve and streamline functionality, make both scanned and manual check-ins easier and more efficient and to vastly improve capabilities regarding door sales.

All about Check-in App : Customer Support Centre

Moreover, we have also implemented hundreds of minor enhancements and bug fixes that have vastly improved the stability and user experience of the Sticky Tickets platform.
We welcome any suggestions or feedback you are willing to provide, as our organisers guide our service developments too.

If you have any questions or need to contact us, hit reply in this email, or contact us through the website – Contact Us – Sticky Tickets

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