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20 Reasons Why Your Event Needs Online Ticketing

If you manage events for a career, as part of your job, for a fundraiser or to help with the community, it can be a lot of work. Creating tickets, taking payment, promoting your event and keeping records all by hand takes up way too much of your time. You work hard to create great events, but how do you manage them? Whatever type of event you are creating, if you’re managing it by hand, it’s taking too much of your time. With an online ticketing platform like Sticky Tickets, your event will look more professional, registering/ purchasing tickets is easier for your attendees and can be done 24/7, and it does not require a tech expert! Here are 20 reasons your event needs online ticketing and the benefits for you and your attendees….

Event Attendees

  • Event attendees can simply go to your Sticky Tickets event page, read details of your event, and purchase tickets from their desk, mobile device or anywhere, 24/7.
  • Once a ticket is purchased or an attendee has registered, they will receive a confirmation email, with their receipt and eTicket emailed automatically to them.
  • Members can use their credit card to purchase online, or even direct deposit or pay cash directly to the event organiser and still receive their receipt and eTicket by email.
  • If there is reserved seating, members can simply choose their own seats when purchasing their tickets.
  • If a ticket purchaser has a discount/promotional code, they can enter this and receive their discount automatically when purchasing tickets.

Event Organiser

  • Register for free and create your own Sticky Tickets event within minutes, with a professional looking event page and your own unique URL to which you can send ticket purchasers, and even customise. If you choose.
  • The steps are simple, guided, and we have fantastic support staff every step of the way to help you create your Sticky Tickets event or to help with any questions you have at any stage.
Follow the simple, guided steps to set up your event
  • Tickets are purchased securely and safely– no credit card numbers are stored, and Sticky Tickets remains fully PCI compliant to maintain the most secure environment.
  • Create your own branded event page, with your logo or colours to create the same look and feel as your website or branding. You can also create a separate organiser page if you like, which lists all your current events, and is updated automatically.
  • Increase your ticket sales considerably by selling tickets 24/7 and using the promotional tools provided by Sticky Tickets.
  • Publish your event directly to Facebook– over one third of all tickets sales on Sticky Tickets come through Facebook, so it makes sense!
With over one third of all ticket sales on Sticky Tickets coming through Facebook, why not make use of the ability to publish your events directly?
  • Use promotional codes to provide people with special discounts, only accessible to them by entering the code.
  • Create as many different ticket types as you like, with sub-tickets available to up-sell or cross-sell events/products.
  • Sticky Tickets has only one small booking fee per ticket sold, and you can choose to include this in your ticket price or add it on. There are no charges for free events!
  • Ask questions of your ticket purchasers or gather information with open field text, drop-down or text boxes during the checkout process.
  • Access to full reports 24/7, covering many areas including purchaser details, email lists, sales report, door list, ticket barcodes and much more. Log in any time and download any report.
  • Use the Sticky Tickets Checkin app to process arrivals quickly from multiple check points simply by using your phone or mobile device. Set up various operators to scan tickets either printed, or straight from the ticket purchaser’s mobile device.
Check attendees in faster

For your next event, reduce time and therefore money on unnecessary paperwork gathering data, taking payments and creating tickets and invoices- have it automated and all in one spot! We’d love to help you with your next event- to learn more about Sticky Tickets, please click here.

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