/ November 30, 2016

Etiquette at Christmas Office Parties

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Although it may feel as though the office Christmas party is a great time to let loose and go crazy, in actual fact this is the worst thing you can do! Here are some tips to make sure you follow etiquette at Christmas office parties to make it memorable, and not regrettable….

· Maintain a work focus.
Remember that this is still about work, and there is no amount of partying that is worth losing your job or risking your professional reputation.

· Moderation.
This is a word we hear all the time, however at your office Christmas party, it should be your mantra! Ensure everything you do is in moderation including karaoke, drinking and dancing.

· Dress appropriately.
Don’t use the office Christmas party to show how fantastic you look (or think you look) in super revealing or ridiculous clothes. Feel free to get in the spirit of the season with your dress, but also make sure you double check if there is a dress code, and remember to maintain your professional image.

· Be prepared to network.
This may be your only chance to meet with some of upper management, so take the opportunity to go up and introduce yourself. Prepare conversations beforehand so you are able to keep the flow going, and you do not stuck in an awkward silence.

· Think twice before posting.
As tempting as it is to pic and post, it is vital that you always think through everything before you post to social media. A good test is to think firstly if what you are going to post would be approved by your kids or family, and secondly how you would feel about your office workers seeing your post. If, after all of that you feel sure it would be OK (and you are not affected by too many drinks!), then post away! Keep in mind that you also need to respect the privacy of your co-workers, so make sure that if they are in any of the photos you want to post, that they approve.

· Double check the invitation.
Apart from confirming if there is a dress code or theme for the party, you also can’t assume that you can bring someone with you, unless it is in writing. If not, then make sure you check with the organisers before bringing a partner, and many long stares along with it.

· Pay attention to the time.
Arriving fashionably late is fine, however arriving just before the party ends just so you can say that you went, is not OK. Stay long enough to be seen and so you can interact for a while, but don’t stay so long that you need to be kicked out at the end!

· Remember your thanks.
Make sure that you thank whoever organised the office party. There is always a lot of work that goes into any such event, and saying thank you afterwards is another way of showing your appreciation, as well as your professionalism.

Office parties can be fun, but they can also be a great way to lose your job or your professional reputation. Hopefully these tips help you keep both, while still having fun.

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