Latest Releases

We’ve got another lot of new releases and updates to tell you about, including refunds/transfer process, ticketing, payment methods, updated policies and more! Read on to see how these features will streamline and have a positive impact on your events… New Notifications Feature- This is a new notification tool that we will use to communicate important changes or events that... View Article

Sticky Tickets Policy Updates

Our community has grown and we’ve expanded our services, so we have updated our website Terms and Policies. This includes our Privacy Policy, Refunds Policy, Terms of Sale, Ticket Sellers Agreement, and Website Terms of Use. This is so we can remain inline with our current business climate, and to create a better working environment for our community. We feel... View Article

The Importance of Event Reports

How effective are your sales and marketing efforts across your events? Do your attendees have specific needs for your event? How did they find out about you? Will your sponsors be happy? If you are not sure about any of these questions but would like to know that and more, this is where the importance of event reports comes in….... View Article

Avoiding Online Ticket Fraud

With the recent massive growth in online services and internet use, there are many opportunities for criminals to commit scams and fraud. Online fraud appears in many forms- it ranges from email spam to online scams, and is only growing. It is an unfortunate fact that fraud has become prevalent in the online ticketing industry also, so it is now... View Article

How Are Your Events Looking for 2019?

How are your events looking for 2019? In order to control what will happen in 2019, it’s essential to reflect on 2018 to see what worked for you, as well as what you can improve. Go back over all your events and make sure they delivered what you had aimed for, and that they remained consistent with your brand. Here... View Article

Latest Releases

Here are some of our latest releases we’re excited to share! Event QR code- On your Promote/Marketing page, you will now find a QR code which you can download or print and put on your promotional materials. Scanning this QR Code will take the user directly to your Sticky Tickets event page.   Facebook Pixel Integration- this tool can track... View Article

Creating an Effective Event Flyer

An event flyer is a fantastic way to visually excite potential attendees, while providing information on your event in a concise way. Creating an effective event flyer can be very inexpensive- particularly with all the free online DIY tools and templates now available- and can be easily shared online across many different channels, especially social media. They can also be... View Article

Increase the Profit Margin on Your Events

Are you happy with your ticket sales? You may sell lots of tickets and appear to have great sales, however do you know your profit margin? Having huge margins is of course fantastic for the event organiser, however if that is coming from overpriced tickets, it won’t last long. You can increase your ticket prices as much as you like,... View Article

Take multiple forms of payment for ticket purchases

Sticky Tickets supports a variety of payment methods designed to be safe, secure, flexible and convenient for both the event organiser and ticket purchaser. Not everyone wants to purchase their tickets the same way, so you can take multiple forms of payment for ticket purchases to your event. For most ticket purchasers the safety, security and convenience of paying by... View Article