/ March 7, 2017

Create Memories at Your Event

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Are you simply running events that you think will be OK and doing enough to get by, or are you one of those organisers who create memories at your event for all who attend? One way will ensure a decrease in numbers and a difficult sell to get anyone there, and the other way will make attendees want to come back for more, and bring their friends!

You may not think about what atmosphere you create at your event, but it is the first thing that attendees notice when they arrive, and is essential in creating fantastic memories. Here are some simple tips on creating an atmosphere which creates good memories…

· Choose the right venue. The location you choose should fit in perfectly with your event, and its theme. You do not want people squashed like sardines into a venue which is too small, and likewise your event seems very unimpressive if there is too much empty space in a venue too large for your needs. Make sure the type of event you are organising is in fitting with the venue- for example you would not want to hold a tech conference at an old fashioned cottage venue. Consider decorations, and making them appropriate.

· Get the word out. You need to ensure not only that the word about your events gets out there, but also that it reaches the right people. Even just a few excited attendees can spread the word about your event, and their excitement is contagious. Social media is without doubt the best way to do this.

· Take part in the excitement. Attendees will feed off the vibe you and your staff are giving. If you find your event a bit boring, there is no doubt attendees will too. If the staff however are excited and having fun, chances are your attendees will be too. This is all part of the atmosphere, and what attendees will remember.

· Make your event memorable. Now that you have created excitement and have your attendees in the right venue, you need to be able to back up all the hype you created. Make sure your entertainment is just right, and that you over-deliver on what the attendees expected. If you can over-deliver on what you promise, you will wow your attendees and create great memories for them, which they will want to share with others at your next event.

No matter what type of event you are holding, having the right atmosphere is the way you can create a memorable time for your attendees. If you are thoughtful of where you are holding it, making people excited about it and then enjoying it yourself, attendees will have a memorable time which they will want to let others know about.

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