/ September 30, 2015

What to do if Things Go Wrong at Your Event

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Everyone who has ever organized an event knows that if something can go wrong, it usually will! The key is to plan for things to go wrong, and prepare. Here are some tips on what to do if things go wrong at your event!

Keep Calm and Carry on! A cool head will usually prevail. Keep your wits about you, so you can address the situation (whatever it may be) unemotionally. You are relied upon to handle all situations, so a brave face and a calm demeanor can go a long way- even to the point that no one will notice!

Investigate- Get all of the facts together, so you can deal with the situation. Remain calm, and find out how the situation happened, so you can take steps to resolve it. Save the backlash for later! You will need your helpers to assist, and to brainstorm solutions.

Plan B- Part of planning is preparing for and guarding against any contingencies. This means having a Plan B! Early in the planning process, take the time to consider what might go wrong, and come up with contingency plans. Some things to consider are speaker not showing up, poor weather and equipment failure.

Honesty- If something does go wrong, do not make elaborate excuses- just be honest! Explain the situation, and do your best to recover the situation to keep your event a success!

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