/ September 14, 2016

Organise an Event With a $0 Budget

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Do you have an event to run but no budget? It will take some planning, however you can organise an event with a $0 budget Here’s some tips…

· You have to make your concept unique. Think outside the box and ask advice from others on what will appeal. If you can’t differentiate your concept from the rest, at least put a different spin on a well-worn topic. You also need to make sure you have an exciting agenda, which you will need to work out and negotiate well in advance.

· A venue is usually the largest cost in organising an event, and finding a venue that will host your event for free may take time. Look to hold your event at a time that will not be busy for the venue, when they can afford to help you. Be up front about what you need, and let the venue know what you can offer them in terms of exposure. You can also partner up with a local coffee shop or catering firm to help cater your event, in exchange for some free exposure. Ask them for the most effective way you can help them.

· Event sponsors can really help. Take the time to locate sponsors who will be interested in targeting the same audience as you, and also with similar topics that your event addresses. Sponsorship can help in areas such as money to help with the event, the use of their services, or their products as gifts or prizes.

· You will need to get the right speakers for your event, and you are much more likely to get decent speakers if they see your event as new and unique. Before you approach speakers, you need an event plan that is well developed, and a list of ways you can help promote them. If they have a book they are trying to sell it may be worth their while to get the exposure. You can also let them film their presentation for their own future promotional use.

· Your ticketing and keeping accurate records of your event are also extremely important. Remember that attendees can register online for free using Sticky Tickets, and there is also no cost to you for paid tickets. You can set up your own event page, and keep accurate records of all sales, and print out a ticket list, or scan tickets at the door, all at no cost to you.

· If you need an event website or help with social media, try and get the services of a local uni student wanting experience. The experience can help them, and more hands on deck can be a big help to you. If they can work with you to put a Press Release out about your event, you can send it out to local media for more exposure.

· Social media will be your best friend and your biggest draw card in planning an event with no budget. The exposure you can provide to potential suppliers and just for your event can be huge. Share snippets of your speakers on social media before the event- this will give the speakers the advertising they are looking for, and will create a buzz around your event for potential attendees.

Organising an event with little or no budget can be difficult. You will need to be resourceful, resilient, and start planning long before the event. When things go right though and you have a successful event, it can be very rewarding. Good luck, and let us know your tips!

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