/ December 7, 2016

Need Help with Event Management?

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There are many reasons you may need help with event management. Here are some to consider…

1. You are short on time:
You get out of an event what you put in, and if you don’t have much time to spare, you may fall short on results. You also need to consider the fact that if organising the event is part of your job, you will no doubt have other tasks to complete as well, reducing your time available to dedicate to the event even further. An event management company will dedicate all of their time to your event, potentially resulting in a more successful event.
If you will also be short of time on the day of the event, you really should consider getting an expert to assist. That way you can devote your time to impressing your clients, talking to your attendees, or simply enjoying the day with friends and family.

2. You are short on connections:
The connections which event management companies have are invaluable, and can help open lots of doors to opportunities as well as lower rates. They may be able to access speakers who will speak purely in exchange for the publicity, as well as gain access to venues which you would otherwise not be able to, and at much cheaper rates.

3. You are short on experience:
It goes without saying that someone who only runs events for a living would be more experienced than you, and based on that experience could offer suggestions which could work better for you, as well as provide new and exciting ideas on approaching your event from a fresh angle.
An expert will also be in a much better position to foresee any potential obstacles which may arise, and have a plan to tackle them. A problem which could quickly become an emergency for you is a ‘been there, done that’ situation for an expert, and quickly handled without anyone knowing.

4. You need help with promoting your event:
If this is not something that you are experienced with or have the time to dedicate to learning, then an expert will really help when it come to the promotion of your event. An event management company can help you with the entire marketing campaign for your event, and can make the difference between a successful event, and a very quiet event!

5. You don’t want the stress:
If organising events is new to you, then you could potentially be setting yourself up for quite a bit of stress and anxiety in the months to come…. Of course, using Sticky Tickets can be a great help with your online ticketing and admin, however there is so much to organise and so much to learn, that sometimes you cannot put a price on the reduction or removal of stress, and the ability to ultimately enjoy your own event.

Cost is usually a major reason why many people shy away from using an event management company to organise their events. If you take into account however the fact that running events in a cost effective manner is what they do and that the contacts that they have mean that they can often access venues and many suppliers at much reduced rates, then you may just be making a smart decision in looking into it. When you also take into account the experience they have as well as the fact that they can reduce your stress yet increase your ability to enjoy your event, it may be well worth your while to search a good one out!

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