/ July 7, 2019

Write a Winning Event Proposal

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Your event proposal reflects you, your event planning business, and the services you provide. If you can’t get your proposal perfected, you may miss out on some great opportunities.
Your tender should cover everything your client wants, with your own personal style. Make sure this is portrayed, both in the copy and the style.

Here are some basic tips to get you on your way to creating an event proposal which reflects you and your ability to create the perfect event.

• Make sure you tell a story. From the start to the middle and end, your story needs to capture the attention of those reading it.
• Address each of the goals mentioned and exactly how you will reach them, but remember that you are the expert. Listen to what they want and deliver on that, but also tell them what they need and make recommendations. Show that you completely understand their vision and can deliver it, then exceed those expectations.
• Emphasise your attention to detail, giving the client the security of knowing they can trust you to deliver.
• Bring your proposal to life with a good design and visuals. Use visuals wherever possible, as they are so much more effective than a book full of words. The presentation, layout and design of your proposal are of the utmost importance- if you can’t plan and design an impressive layout for a proposal, how can they trust you with their event?
• Addressing the cost. You will always need to cover the cost, however make sure you do it later on, when you have already made the client believe that they need to have you in order to make their event special. Also make sure you itemise everything- that way it shows you are paying attention to detail, shows exactly what each cost is for, and that you are hiding nothing. It can also allow them to maybe adjust what they ask for, so they can keep to a budget. Don’t try and underestimate costs to get the business- you will just end up with a very unhappy client when they get the final bill. They would much rather know an accurate cost upfront, rather than get surprise costs later.

If you expect to exceed expectations with the event you organise for your client, it will all need to start with your event proposal…

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