, / February 1, 2017

How Instagram Can Help Your Event

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“A picture says a thousand words.”

This is so true, and a large reason why Instagram is a great platform to use for promoting your event. Instagram has a simple interface, is a great way to tell your story through images, and its engagement rate can be up to three times higher than other social media platforms. Also, if Millenials are a market you would like to reach, Instagram is hugely popular with this age group, with popularity quickly increasing among older age groups too. Here are some tips on how Instagram can help your event.

· Use hashtags. Unlike Twitter, Instagram engagement will increase with the number of hashtags you use, so try to use several relevant hashtags in your posts.

· Share good content. You can create quality content by sharing images of last year’s event, images of speakers at the event, or even relevant quotes by speakers at your event, or in the industry. This will create interest in your event, and is more subtle than advertising that you would like people to come. Showing a collage of photos from last year’s event will not only show how enjoyable it was for attendees, but will also highlight networking opportunities which may be available.

· Encourage people to participate. People love sharing what they do and what they enjoy, so encourage people to upload and share their photos by recognizing them for doing so. You could create incentives for people to share, such as a competition where people are entered to win a prize if they upload photos, and another is to have an Instagram feed on a screen at your event.

· In addition to posting organically,
you can reach your target market faster by investing in Instagram ads. There are three different types of ads- a photo ad, a video ad, and a ‘carousel’ ad, where users can swipe between several different photos within each ad. Using these ads can boost brand awareness, and also drive potential attendees to your event page.

· Involve your sponsors. If your event has sponsors, there is no doubt that they will know the value of reaching Millenials, and will therefore very much appreciate any exposure you can give them on Instagram. Use their picture or logo if they are supplying a prize, or even as a thank you.

Study after study has shown that in this day and age people want to spend their money on experiences, rather than ‘things’, and right now Instagram is one of the best ways to reach these potential attendees. Create good content such as the sharing of images and quotes, consider using ads to boost awareness around your brand or event, and finally help your sponsors reach their target market, keeping them happy. Remember after your event to analyse the numbers to see what worked and what didn’t, and please also let us know of your tips!

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