/ October 12, 2016

Running Successful Community Events

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A good community event takes time and man power to organise, so here are some tips for running  successful community events!

Get a team together: You will definitely need a team to help you out, and it is important early to establish your goals, and ensure that everyone understands the aim, and has the same focus. It is very important for you to have goals, so that you can therefore measure your success. Is your focus just to have fun, raise money, or to raise awareness? Thinking through these questions will help you establish what your goals and focus should be.
Ensure that everyone on the team knows their role and what is expected of them, and hold them accountable in achieving their goals. Make sure that everyone who has contacts uses them in looking for resources, and who they know who may be able to help out.

Budget: Make sure you budget your costs well, and always include an emergency fund for all of those unexpected costs which will no doubt arise. Once you work out what your costs are, you will be able to determine what your ticket prices will be.

Collaboration: Consider collaborating with another co-host or sponsor. Doing this provides a much bigger pool for resources, as well as potential attendees.

Set Up Your Event: Make sure you set up your event page, so that you have a link to provide in your marketing, showing potential attendees where to go to buy their tickets. If you have an event flyer, simply upload that to your event page. Also remember to apply for a rebate, whether that is for a community group, charity, or one off charity.

Market Your Event: Use all of your contacts to get the name out there. It is a good idea to require each of your team to contact and/or invite a certain number of attendees, and get it out there on social media! This will be the best way to market your event, so make sure everyone shares and retweets. You can also contact local media to help promote your event, as well as sending out emails to your contacts, which will need to be sent frequently to remind them.

Catering: One of the first things to be remembered are that people will come if the food sounds good! Make sure it is not too difficult to set up and cook, but make sure it sounds and smells delicious. You will also need to be mindful of your location, and if any music or entertainment is too loud for surrounding homes.

These are just a few tips for running successful community events. Remember if you are a community organisation, check if you can apply for our rebate here. Please let us know your tips, and best of luck!

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