/ April 19, 2017

Repurpose Your Event Content

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Do you feel as though you keep providing the same old content in your events and/or webinars and it’s getting old? It no doubt took you a long time to originally come up with that content, so it is a waste just to get rid of it, particularly if there is some good stuff in there! Here are some tips on how to repurpose your event content and reuse that same content to be fresh and relevant!

· Turn the content from a presentation at your event or webinar into a different form. This may be an eBook, blog, or if you have a video you can transcribe it. Similarly, you can take content from these presentations and make short videos from it. These can be shared on social media at different times and is sure to be a hit, as video is by far the most popular of all content mediums.

· Turn your content into a newsletter which can be sent out to your database, or also used as a teaser for your next event.

· Create a hashtag for your event where attendees can share their experiences so others can see, an also so they can ask questions. You might like to keep these questions and post these as FAQs with answers and you can also turn it into content for your next event, as you already know it is of interest to your attendees.

· Update your content with more current stats as well as current industry trends to keep it more relevant and interesting.

· Create an infographic from content you have, so you can show it visually. You can also use this on social media

· If you have provided information before in an event, webinar or on a blog post, you can send out a summary of this content with resources where people can research the topic further, or look into a topic which interests them. This works well after an event. Sending a follow up summary to attendees can be helpful, but can also be helpful to attendees who missed the event and may want to come next year based on the information. In this case you may also need to provide a bit of extra information, to help them fully understand what you were discussing.

· Turn some of your more valuable information into an eBook or download, where people have to enter their email address to access it. This way they benefit from the information, and you also now have their email address for future marketing.

When you have good content, make sure you keep it relevant by updating information, and also changing the format it is presented in. This way you can recycle good content, but keep it fresh with a different angle.

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