/ November 29, 2017

The Rise of Online Ticketing

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There has been a major shift in the last few years from purchasing tickets from a physical location to purchasing tickets online. Several factors have contributed to the rise of online ticketing with the largest being the internet and the arrival of 3G and 4G. Closely linked is the smartphone becoming much more user friendly, with many more features. This has now provided an alternative channel for shopping through e-Commerce websites, and has reshaped the modern marketplace.


For either an event organiser or a ticket purchaser, convenience is by far the biggest benefit.

Ticket purchasers can buy tickets securely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location, within minutes- no lining up to buy! You can also select your seats and save your tickets to your smartphone, ready to show at the event. Finding out information about an event is far easier also with an event page dedicated specifically to providing information about the event and available tickets, and the ability to contact the organiser of the event directly if needed.

Similarly, it is far better for an event organiser to have tickets on sale for their event at all times, not just during business hours.

In addition to the convenience is the saving of time.

You can register and set up an event at no cost within minutes, and provide as much information on your event page as needed, avoiding constant calls from ticket purchasers asking for details. If you have extras to sell you can list and sell them prior to the event, as well as taking donations. If you are offering an ‘Early Bird’ price, ticket purchasers can see the saving they will receive by purchasing now, creating earlier sales. Marketing and promotion is also so much more effective, with the ability to have a specific URL to direct people to, as well as the ability to spread the word through social media.


During the purchasing process there is also the ability to ask questions of the ticket purchaser, whether it be meal preferences for the event, marketing questions, acceptance of terms and conditions, or however you choose to customize. On event day, you can also use the check in app to scan tickets using your mobile device and process arrivals quickly.

All this information is available at a glance in the reports and analytics section, and can be downloaded and sorted as needed. There is also a summary page you can view to see how your event is going, which can also be emailed as sales notifications as regularly as you choose.

With this huge shift however, comes adjustments. There are those who have not yet adapted to new technology or perhaps don’t trust it. There can also be confusing fees from some sites associated with purchasing tickets which need to be deciphered.


Sticky Tickets prides itself on being simple, supportive, safe and transparent. We understand that everyone is not tech savvy, so our goal is to provide the best experience possible in the setting up of events, and the purchase of tickets. We have many organisers and ticket purchasers who are doing this for the first time, and they do great! We stand by having the best and most responsive customer support available to help at nearly all times.

Our fee structure is transparent and simple to understand. We regularly review our fees to see how we can better serve our customers, and have recently created a new, lower price bracket. Security is also a priority for us, so all information is encrypted with the most widely used website security technology, and no credit card information is stored.

While not all have adjusted to the rise of online ticketing, there is no doubt that it is the way forward. Sticky Tickets is easy, convenient, and a huge saver of what we are all lacking- time. Australian owned and operated, we are here to help every step of the way to make purchasing tickets and selling tickets safe,simple and easy!!!

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