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Holding a Press Conference

Press conferences can be a great way to announce any big news you have, and an excellent promotional tool. There is however, more to it than just coming up with a time and date. Here are some tips on holding a press conference… * Before anything else is done, ensure you have a topic which is newsworthy, and of interest... View Article

Running a Successful Networking Event

Hosting a business mixer is a great way to make some valuable connections, or get a business off the ground. It’s important to make your event successful as well as fun, just remember to keep in mind that the main goal is to facilitate networking, and proper preparation is the key to running a successful networking event. Here are some... View Article

Planning and Holding a Webinar

Do you have a webinar coming up, or are you looking for a way to deliver one of your courses or presentations? Webinars are a great way to hold online learning events in real time. You can stream information using videos, images, texts and voice for training, workshops, meetings, lectures, presentations or conferences. Webinars are easy to access, inexpensive to... View Article

Maximise Revenue From Your Event

There are many ways in which you can maximise revenue from your event by generating income from multiple sources. Here are some ways to go about it… Sponsorship Packages- sell a main sponsorship, or even have several smaller sponsorships. Make sure each of your sponsorship packages is packed with value, and include as many tangible benefits as possible, as well... View Article

Having a Content Marketing Strategy For Your Next Event

With the presence of social media and sites such as YouTube, attendees no longer need to go to a conference to become more knowledgeable. Content is now very simple to access, and can be inexpensive and convenient-especially if you are watching online. Events these days therefore are not so much about increasing knowledge, but about increasing participation and interaction among... View Article