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Planning and Holding a Webinar

Do you have a webinar coming up, or are you looking for a way to deliver one of your courses or presentations? Webinars are a great way to hold online learning events in real time. You can stream information using videos, images, texts and voice for training, workshops, meetings, lectures, presentations or conferences. Webinars are easy to access, inexpensive to... View Article

Holding an Awards Ceremony

Award ceremonies can be a fantastic way to honour people, and show how valued their work is. It can create more loyalty, increase productivity, and hopefully motivate others to strive for excellence and recognition also. Awards can be given to reward anything where anyone has shown outstanding determination, hard work or commitment- they can be annual, or just in response... View Article

How You Can Increase Your Customer Referrals

Here are some quick tips on how you can increase your customer referrals… · Identify the right social network. Each one has a different target audience, so you will need to adapt your tactics to suit each. · Ask for referrals. Most consumers say that recommendations coming from their trusted resources will cause them to pay more attention. Ask your... View Article

Evaluating Your Event

Evaluating your event is vital in making you and your team more effective for your next event. Being evaluated is not about being negative, but finding out how you can make it better. A questionnaire is also good to get feedback from attendees, however it only covers a small proportion of the information needed to evaluate the effectiveness of an... View Article

Maximise Revenue From Your Event

There are many ways in which you can maximise revenue from your event by generating income from multiple sources. Here are some ways to go about it… Sponsorship Packages- sell a main sponsorship, or even have several smaller sponsorships. Make sure each of your sponsorship packages is packed with value, and include as many tangible benefits as possible, as well... View Article

How to Thank Your Event Attendees

Your event attendees may not only travel many miles to get to your event, but also spend a lot of money. It is not simply a nice gesture to thank them for coming, it is expected! Here are some tips on how to thank your event attendees… Give Away- Everyone still appreciates something for nothing. Try to provide valuable items... View Article

Having a Content Marketing Strategy For Your Next Event

With the presence of social media and sites such as YouTube, attendees no longer need to go to a conference to become more knowledgeable. Content is now very simple to access, and can be inexpensive and convenient-especially if you are watching online. Events these days therefore are not so much about increasing knowledge, but about increasing participation and interaction among... View Article

Time to Start Planning the Next Christmas Party?

Is it time to start planning the next Christmas party? Have you volunteered? There are several things you need to take into consideration in organising the office Christmas function such as the culture of the organisation, the tastes of those coming and the budget. Here are a few other tips and things to consider to help out in making the... View Article