Creating Audience Engagement

What is Audience Engagement? There is no clear definition, so to check if you know what it is and if you are doing it right, maybe it’s best to answer these questions… 1. Are your events popular and selling lots of tickets? 2. Are your attendees asking questions and clearly getting what you want them to get from your event?... View Article

Customise Your Event URL

Every Sticky Tickets event you create will have its own unique URL. Even if you make your event ‘Public’ and therefore searchable on the Sticky Tickets website, you might still like to provide your URL on your invitations and marketing materials. If your event is set to ‘Private’, it won’t be searchable on our site or the web, so you... View Article

Increase Your Association Memberships

Does your association membership need a boost? Most do- even if current numbers are good, it is always important to recruit new, younger memberships to ensure a strong core moving forward. Increase your association memberships, the value of your memberships. Define Your USP: Your Unique Selling Proposition is the answer to the question “Why should I choose this association instead of... View Article

Boost Ticket Sales Using Promo Codes

Encouraging people to purchase tickets to your event can always cause a fair amount of stress, however one way to create an incentive to purchase tickets is through discount/promotional codes. Studies have shown that many people will make a purchase that wasn’t necessarily planned, based on a promotional code- it is a fact of life that people are heavily influenced... View Article

Would You Like to be An Event Planner?

Would you like to be an event planner? Are you thinking about making a career out of it? There is a lot of variety to the role and no two days are ever the same, however it does require a certain personality type, as well as skill set… Organisation and Time Management: Do you make lists about lists? Organisation is... View Article

Use Social Media to Promote Your Event

Social media is a great, cost effective way to attract new customers to your event, increase ticket sales and build customer loyalty for future events. Social networks provide an ideal platform to reach all kinds of target groups and to build up a network of customers. Before you begin your promotion, work out the demographics you are hoping to reach,... View Article

Make Your Meetings More Productive

“Why do I even have to be here?” seems to be a common thought in the mind of meeting attendees… Most people find meetings to be boring, painful and unproductive, and a poorly run meeting can not only waste time, but have a negative impact on staff motivation as well as productivity. Make your meetings more productive! Different meetings will... View Article

Make Your Event Family Friendly

If you make your event family friendly it can serve many purposes: parents don’t have to worry about getting someone to mind the kids, and it can also help your event attendees spend some quality time with their kids, and create some memories. Here are some tips on making your event family friendly: Venue: The venue that you choose will... View Article

Find the Right Staff For Your Event

It is said that the success of your events largely depends on the staff that you hire and therefore, it is important that your attendees can relate to your team. When it comes time to find the right staff for your event, here are our some tips to help ensure your success… Know what your client wants and understand the... View Article

How to Finance Your Event Idea

If you have a great idea for an event, you want to make sure you can execute and finance it. Good event planning starts with a realistic estimation of the costs of your event and how it can be funded. If you are looking at getting an injection of funds to get your next event up and running, here are... View Article