Choose Music for Your Next Event

Choosing music for your next event depends on many factors such as the audience, event venue (indoor or open-air), the time of day and ultimately what kind of event it is. Looking for some help selecting music for your next event? Here are four tips for on how to choose music for your next event… Purpose Consider the objective of... View Article

Make Sure Your Next Event is Sold Out!

Make sure your next event is sold out! If you are organising an event, chances are you want it to be sold out. Here are some tips on how you can create a stand out, sold out, commercially lucrative event… Commercialise it The first step to commercialising your event is to make sure that people actually spend money to buy... View Article

How Payment is Changing in Australia

When it comes to consumer payments, there has been a lot of change in recent times. Australia is one of the biggest users of contactless payments globally, and over the last decade, Australia has grown to have one of the highest smartphone penetrations in the world. Australia has also experienced a dramatic decline in the use of cash. In 2014,... View Article

Tips on Running a Green Event

As we all know, events can create a large amount of waste, and it doesn’t have to be this way! Making your event Eco-friendly can be a great learning experience for you, and can also create a unique atmosphere at your event, at the same time highlighting the importance of sustainability. At this time it might seem like a time... View Article

Where is Your Donation Going?

With so many charities and good causes to support, it is important to do your research and ensure that your money will be used for the right cause, and also that the charity actually receives your donation. Here are some simple guidelines and tips to ensure that you can be comfortable making your donation… Donating to an overseas charity can... View Article

Improve Your Presentation Skills

Are you presenting at your upcoming event? Mastering public speaking can take a long time, however following are some simple ways to instantly improve your presentation skills. Answer questions when they are asked: Firstly, you should always repeat the question out loud so that the rest of the audience can hear, and secondly, you should answer questions as they are... View Article

Get Your Event Noticed

You may think your event will be the most fantastic of the year…. but how do you get others to know about it? Here are some tips to help get your event noticed-feel free to let us know what has worked for you, and add any others! · Create a catchy event title. It needs to be interesting! Try and... View Article

Increase Your Ticket Sales in January!

Depending on your event, ticket sales can be slow in January. People are tired and broke from celebrating, and lack enthusiasm. Here are a few ideas which can help kick start sales, and get the year started off right to increase your ticket sales in January! Reward regular ticket purchasers- If you hold events regularly, you should have regular supporters,... View Article

Leave Work Behind While you are on Holidays

It can be difficult to ‘switch off’ from crazy work mode to simply relaxing and spending time with family and friends, yet it is important. Nearly one third of all Australian workers will not properly ‘clock off’ this holiday break- work will get done and that is great, but what if you just return to work exhausted , without the... View Article