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Choose Music for Your Next Event

Choosing music for your next event depends on many factors such as the audience, event venue (indoor or open-air), the time of day and ultimately what kind of event it is. Looking for some help selecting music for your next event? Here are four tips for on how to choose music for your next event… Purpose Consider the objective of... View Article

Tips on Running a Green Event

As we all know, events can create a large amount of waste, and it doesn’t have to be this way! Making your event Eco-friendly can be a great learning experience for you, and can also create a unique atmosphere at your event, at the same time highlighting the importance of sustainability. At this time it might seem like a time... View Article

Time to Start Planning the Next Christmas Party?

Is it time to start planning the next Christmas party? Have you volunteered? There are several things you need to take into consideration in organising the office Christmas function such as the culture of the organisation, the tastes of those coming and the budget. Here are a few other tips and things to consider to help out in making the... View Article