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Choosing the Best Name for Your Event

Choosing the best name for your event can be difficult, but a vital part of the planning process. Basically, the most important things to remember are to make the event name memorable, and simple. You need to hook your audience and at the same time convey what your event is all about- and that can be tough! Here are some... View Article

Great Event Photos With Your Phone

As an event organiser, you often have a limited budget, if any. There is rarely enough in the budget to organise a professional photographer, so here are some tips to take great event photos with your phone! · In trying to get photos of your event, you will need to move seamlessly amongst your guests, without interfering. When you are... View Article

Need Help with Event Management?

There are many reasons you may need help with event management. Here are some to consider… 1. You are short on time: You get out of an event what you put in, and if you don’t have much time to spare, you may fall short on results. You also need to consider the fact that if organising the event is... View Article

Are You a Successful Event Manager?

Are you a successful event manager? Would you like to be? Organising successful events takes a certain type of person, and without doubt not everyone is cut out for it. If you have the traits below, chances are you can not only organise events, but be a champion at it!!! Time Management: It is vital to have the ability to... View Article

Organising a Summer Event

Summer seems like a great time to hold an event, however there are things you need to take into consideration if you are organising a summer event… Consider the heat! It seems almost too obvious to mention, but you need to consider your attendees in the heat, and make sure that there is shelter from the sun, and air conditioning.... View Article

Would You Like to be An Event Planner?

Would you like to be an event planner? Are you thinking about making a career out of it? There is a lot of variety to the role and no two days are ever the same, however it does require a certain personality type, as well as skill set… Organisation and Time Management: Do you make lists about lists? Organisation is... View Article

How to Finance Your Event Idea

If you have a great idea for an event, you want to make sure you can execute and finance it. Good event planning starts with a realistic estimation of the costs of your event and how it can be funded. If you are looking at getting an injection of funds to get your next event up and running, here are... View Article

Choose Music for Your Next Event

Choosing music for your next event depends on many factors such as the audience, event venue (indoor or open-air), the time of day and ultimately what kind of event it is. Looking for some help selecting music for your next event? Here are four tips for on how to choose music for your next event… Purpose Consider the objective of... View Article

Tips on Running a Green Event

As we all know, events can create a large amount of waste, and it doesn’t have to be this way! Making your event Eco-friendly can be a great learning experience for you, and can also create a unique atmosphere at your event, at the same time highlighting the importance of sustainability. At this time it might seem like a time... View Article

Time to Start Planning the Next Christmas Party?

Is it time to start planning the next Christmas party? Have you volunteered? There are several things you need to take into consideration in organising the office Christmas function such as the culture of the organisation, the tastes of those coming and the budget. Here are a few other tips and things to consider to help out in making the... View Article